5 Things You Can Do During Business Trip in Singapore

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A business trip could be exhausting. Especially if there are many things need to be done. In between those busy schedules, you can actually enjoy your trip for a while to release the stress. Don’t forget to rent a portable Wi-Fi before going abroad to stay updated about your work while you are away. Relaxing […]

10 Places in Bangkok Every Backpackers Must Visit

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If you have the opportunity to backpack in Bangkok, surely you will make sure to get the most out of it, right? Bangkok is popular for being one of the cheap tourist destinations with lots of attractive destinations. If you love backpacking trip, prepare your mental and physical condition before going! Check out these things […]

5 Things That Make Your Holiday Over-budget

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Do you ever wonder why your vacation is still over-budget despite planning everything thoroughly? Let’s check these five common mistakes you should avoid. Avoid These 5 Habits to Make Your Holiday Budget On Track Budget-planning before going on a vacation is a necessity. Take a double check on what could possibly make you spend more. […]

Harry Potter Destinations You Can Visit in Real Life Around the World

Hi Buddies! You still remember Harry Potter movie, don’t you? Although the sequel has ended in 2011, in fact this film still gives a great impression on the hearts of its fans named Potterhead. Harry Potter series itself was adopted from J.K Rowling’s bestseller novel which are consisting of 8 fantasy films. It’s not just […]

5 Fakta Film Crazy Rich Asian yang Wajib Banget Kamu Ketahui!

“China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move the world!”.  Merasa familiar dengan kutipan di atas? Yap! gak salah lagi, buat kamu yang udah nonton film Crazy Rich Asians pasti udah paham banget sama kutipan terkenal dari Napoleon tersebut. Crazy Rich Asians udah mulai tayang di Indonesia sejak 8 September lalu, […]