You should stay productive while fasting, but how?  Although Muslims in Indonesia are required to hold hunger and thirst for more than 12 hours, but that does not mean we are allowed to be lazy. Fasting is not an obstacle to running away from our responsibilities in work and worship. It is an opportunity to make ourselves better because no matter what the challenges, work must be done perfectly regardless of your condition. For some people, hunger and thirst can indeed interfere with concentration in work so that performance decreases during fasting.

But for those of you who want to stay healthy, focused, and still can be productive during Ramadan, a few tips below will give you boosters at work even if you have to endure hunger and thirst. Let’s check it out!

Meet Daily Nutrition Needs

The first aspect that must be considered is the daily nutritional needs that must always be fulfilled. This is the key to staying healthy even though you have to endure hunger and thirst throughout the day. Choose healthy foods that contain substances needed by the body during sahoor and breaking fast. Don’t forget to drink lots of water so that your body doesn’t lose a lot of fluids and you don’t feel weak. If needed, consume several vitamins so that the body stays healthy and doesn’t get sick easily when fasting.

Priority Scale

It’s natural if our stamina and energy decrease when fasting because the body loses more nutrients. So make sure you have a priority scale about the work that needs to be done today. Ideally you work on the hardest thing at the beginning. Next, choose work that is lighter before noon and evening when the body has started to lose a lot of fluid and energy. By having a priority scale you know which one to do first. This method is very effective in maintaining work productivity during Ramadan. That way you won’t be bothered at all.

Power Nap & Relax

When it’s near noon, the body has lost a lot of energy so you feel tired easily. Then you can take advantage of the rest time to take a nap a.k.a Power Nap. If you usually use breaks for lunch, now you can sleep 30-40 minutes during the day to restore concentration and stamina. If it is not possible to sleep, you can do other activities so that your mind is distracted and does not think about work and work and work that leads you to stress. Just make sure that you feel relax during the breaks.

No Multitasking

Our brain’s ability is limited and multitasking will burn more energy than usual. Multitasking also makes us tired easily. So do the work at a time so that the energy is not drained which will make you feel more hungry and thirsty. This habit will boost more productivity as well.

To keep the mind fresh, it doesn’t matter if you give a reward for the hard work you’ve done during Ramadan. provides promos that can be a reward for your success in doing work. Keep productive!


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