Did you know that the way you break the fast can reveals your personality? Fasting is a service that can only be done during the month of Ramadan. This is a very special time for Muslim communities around the world because they have to endure hunger and thirst during the day. Not only that, Muslims also have to hold back their passions and are encouraged to do good things so as not to damage the worship that is being done. No wonder if in the month of Ramadan, many Muslims celebrate fasting with joy.

The best part about fasting is when we are allowed to break it after the Maghreb came. This is the time when we enjoy break the fasting with our favorite meals. Of course, our moms always give the best iftar menu as a reward of our service. But, do you know that what we eat could reflects who we are? I know it sounds strange, but based on psychology, the way we break the fasting expressing our personality. Here’s the explanation!

Break the Fast Alone

Some people choose to do their own activities. Regardless of the situation being experienced, choosing to break your own fast can be a sign that you are someone who is idealistic. Simply, you don’t need to wait for someone to invite you to eat or determine the food menu. If you can do it by yourself, why should you invite or join someone else? A good choice, fellas!

Break the Fast with Friends

Enjoying the iftar menu with friends is considered to be the best way to share during Ramadan. Psychologists also consider that those who often eat with friends turn out to have a higher social life. In addition, it also shows loyalty to others. But if viewed from another perspective, this habit can make us more wasteful. So, be careful with your expenses!

Break the Fast at Home with Family

This is obvious. Those who prefer to break their fast at home with family can be considered as family man. This also indicates that you are someone who is wise, compassionate, and appreciative. Many people prefer to spend their time at home rather than gathering with friends. The person clearly knows his priorities.

Break the Fast at Mosque

Some people assume that those who break their fast at the mosque are economical. But if you look at it from another perspective, this can be a sign that the person is very religious. Ramadan is a month full of blessings and forgiveness. And being in a mosque environment makes a Muslim more introspective in resisting lust and temptation. This method can bring us closer to God so that worship is more perfect.

Of course, all of those people have their Rights to do whatever they want during iftar. But at least now you know who you really are depending on how you break the fast that reveals on your own personality. During the Ramadan month, there are a lot of promo and discount you shouldn’t missed. Passpod.com is offering promotion that will give you benefits during this holy month.

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