Ramadhan is a right time to change your life style to the better one. Fasting is not only limit the chance to eat but also change the eating cycle. Actually there are many experts saying that fasting the whole month will give you some benefits for your body and health. The changing eating cycle is also changing your body and making it way healthier. But the benefit of fasting can only obtained if you eat nutritious food on sahoor and fast-breaking time.

7 Advantages of Fasting The Whole Month. Based on The National Academy of Sciences there are benefits of fasting, which are:

  • Decrease body weight

Eating the normal amount of food during fast-breaking for sahoor is helping to reduce body weight. The reduce amount if food consumed during fasting and the increase if fat burning rate is the main reason. That’s why people usually lost some weight on ramadhan and gain in back after Eid.

  • Boost nutrition absorption from foods

The metabolism rate of your body is changing during fasting. The metabolism of your body is becoming more efficient and able to absorb more nutrition than the normal condition. That happens because of adiponectin hormone which is produced between fast-breaking and sahoor time.

  • Detox your body from toxins

Fasting is helpong detox your body from any toxin than already accumulated before the Ramadhan. Fat that contains toxins will be burned during fasting. This will help making your body fresh and healthy.

  • Preventing cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease has become one most cause of death in many countries. This cardiovascular disease is caused by the wrong eating style. Consuming too much cholesterol will increase the chance to get this kind of disease. While fasting, the level of LDL as the bad cholesterol will decrease and level of HDL which is good will increase at the same time.

  • Reduce the risk of cancer

Cancer also nominated as one of deadliest disease. Cancer happens because of many reasons from eating too much food with preservatives, exposure to chemical substantive and many more. Fasting actually can help reducing the risk of getting cancer because fasting prevents the oxydative damage of the body cells.

  • Reducing stress

The adrenal gland in human body is producing cortisol hormone that controls the stress level. It make that gland produce less cortisol. This less amount of cortisol is really helping to reduce stress and make you become more peaceful and calm.

  • Increase brain function

Some people might think that is restrict your brain function because the lack of food consumption. But that is not correct actually. Some scientist proves that fasting is increasing the brain function and make your brain work faster than usual. You also can get focused more easily when you are fasting than you aren’t.

Ramadan is a holy and special month for moslems that’s why a lot of people celebrating this month gladly. Lots of brands also give special deal during this special moment. Passpod also offer some great deal only in Ramadan month. Not only for your religion, but you can doing fasting for your health too:)

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