5 Kebiasaan Unik Orang Inggris yang Bisa Kamu Tiru!

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Hi Sobat Passpod! Berlibur ke Eropa menjadi acara liburan yang sangat menyenangkan bagi masyarakat Indonesia. Eropa yang memiliki iklim jauh berbeda dengan Indonesia akan memberikan kamu pengalaman tersendiri. Ada banyak negara di Eropa yang memiliki keunikan dan kekayaan alamnya sehingga menjadi destinasi wisata yang menarik. Salah satunya adalah negara Inggris atau England dengan kekaisarannya yang […]

Travelling Recommendations in the year of Pig based on your zodiac!

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Hi Sobat Passpod! Happy Chinese New Year to all #SobatPasspod who are celebrating. Gong Xi Fat Cai! In line with the lunar new year festivities commonly known as Chinese New Year, Passpod would like to share some knowledge in relation to the Chinese Zodiac. Yep, we’d like to discuss about Chinese Zodiac. #CeritaPasspod this time […]

(Indonesia) Main Salju Asli Di Christmas Wonderland Singapura

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Hai Sobat Passpod! Buat kamu yang pengen banget mengunjungi Winter Wonderland di Eropa, ada kabar baik nih buat kamu Sobat! Karena di Singapura kamu bisa menikmati suasana yang sama menyenangkannya di Christmas Wonderland, YEAAY!! Festival Christmas Wonderland ini merupakan festival satu-satunya di Asia Tenggara yang memberikan konsep sepeti Winter Wonderland di Eropa. Meskipun festival di […]

7 Things You Must Know Before Going on a Winter Holiday in Europe

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Winter is a great time to have a holiday in Europe. Spending a holiday in a different country with a different climate will be a memorable experience. However, before going abroad in winter, many things need to take into preparation. Don’t forget to rent a Europe Wifi service to keep in touch with your beloved […]

Top 10 Europe Winter Holiday Destinations 2018

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There are many holiday destinations in Europe you can choose as comfortable and classy end of year vacation. Every country in Europe has its’ own winter tourist attractions. Before planning a year-end vacation to Europe, check out some of the following inspiring winter tourist destinations in Europe! Abisko, Sweden   You may get very long […]

7 Instagrammable Cafes in Hong Kong

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Attractions in Hong Kong are not only landmarks, museums, or shopping centers. You can also enjoy exciting holidays by cafe hopping among coffee shops in Hong Kong! Besides a little bit resting after traveling around, the interiors of these cafes are also cool for taking photoshoot! Omotesando Koffee The atmosphere of Japanese inside this cafe […]

5 Unexpected Situations That Could Ruin Your Holiday

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It is possible that unexpected things disrupt your well-planned holiday. Being prepared for the unexpected doesn’t mean we want the holiday to turn bad. How trivial it may seem, an unexpected problem could ruin your vacation. Thus, make sure you’re prepared for these situations before going on a vacation! Wallet/Documents Loss Losing your wallet is […]