No eating and no drinking while fasting sometimes makes your body feel weak. Laying in bed and have a peaceful nap is considered the best thing to do during fasting. But actually there are more things to do to kill your time during fasting. Using your time efficiently is good not only for your body but also for your brain and mental. You can still do many activities during fasting but of course with less physical activities.

Activities for Killing Time during Ramadan

Waiting for the fast-breaking time is a regular thing to do in Ramadan month. People usually have more free time during Ramadan because of the shorten work hour. Just sit down waiting for the fast-breaking time will only make time run slower. Try these activities below to kill time during fasting without spending too much energy :

  • Chill out at city park

Usually there are free recreational places built by government, such as city parks. You can go to one of them just to shill out and relax. Enjoying the wind breeze, looking at trees and flowers and jus sit down and watch people around is nice thing to do. You can enjoy your time alone or with someone like friends or familiy member.

  • Go to the beach and enjoy the scenery

Beach will always be a good place to get peacefulness. If your home is not too far from a beach then it is a good choice to go before fast-breaking or in the morning. It is nice to go to the beach when the sun is not up yet or already setting down. Going for a walk along the beach while enjoying the wind and sea water is really a great thing to relax your mind.

  • Staycation at the hotel

If you have money you can try to get a staycation at a hotel. You can go to a nice hotel near you and stay for couple of days. Staying at hotels can give you more me time without thinking about your home, cooking and all those domestic chores. Enjoy all the facilities at the hotel you are in from the sauna, massage, gym, swimming pool, enjoying delicious food for sahoor and fast-breaking and many more. It is a great way to spend your holiday in fasting month.

  • Going to some indoor holiday spot

On fasting month you need to preserve your energy by not doing too many activities that requires physical movement. Also staying under the sun during fasting is also make you dehydrated easily. So the solution for you who still want to go out to spend your holiday while fasting is visiting some indoor places. Going to indoor places are helping prevent you from dehydrated due to the hot weather. Museums are a good choice to spend holiday without being too exhausted.

You still can enjoy your holiday in fasting month by searching some interesting places to visit. You can use Passpod to go to many attraction places in every country. In this holy Ramadan month you also can get many great deal and special promotions.

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