Recommended Halal Restaurant for Fast-Breaking in Korea fot you! Korea, especially South Korea is very famous because its drama, foods and many tourism spots. Not a surprise that visitor from all over the world are visiting this country int he whole year. South Korea are very famous for its delicious Korean cuisines. But moslems need to be aware because not all the foods are halal in South Korea. When you come to this country in fasting month you have to know the place where you can eat halal food in Singapore for fast-breaking or even sahoor.

Halal and Delicious Restaurant in South Korea

Doing fasting in Korea is not as easy as you imagined. You need to do fasting for a longer period of time and it is not that easy to find halal restaurant. But actually there are many halal restaurants in South Korea that already got the halal sertificate from the halal institution. If you know those halal restaurants then fasting in this country wouldn’t be a burden. There are halal restaurant in South Korea for your fast-breaking, here they are :

  • Ilji Hanbang Samgyetang

This halal restaurant is located in Seoul. The special menu of this restaurant is already on its name, which is samgyetang. Samgyetang is a ginger chicken soup originally from Korea. This food is not only delicious but also very healthy. The fresh broth will refresh your stomach after doing fasting all day long. The ginger will also strengthen your body and make it healthier. This halal restaurant has a prayer room for moslems, so you don’t have to worry about the place to do Maghrib prayer after fast-breaking.

  • Halal Kitchen Korea

In Bukchon, Seoul you can find Halal Kitchen Korea. This reataurant is owned and operated by moslem. It makes moslems can eat safely at this place. Halal Kitchen Korea have a unique architecture with traditional touch. This restaurant got the Hanok style and also serves korean type dishes. You can eat bulgogi, tteokbokki, dakgalbi, yanggalbi and many other delicious side dishes. Besides having a fast-breaking, you can also take away some foods from this restaurant for your sahoor in Korea.

  • Eid

Eid is a halal restaurant in Seoul. You will see a sticker of halal certification from Korean government on this restaurant window. That sticker will convince that all the foods inside are halal and edible for moslems. This restaurant serves Korean traditional food lika kimchi, bulgogi, tteokbokki and more.

  • Dongmun

We move from Seoul to Nami Island. There is a delicious halal restauran in Nami Island called Dongmun. Traditional korean foods are served in this restaurant such as jajangmyeon, bibimbap or bulgogi. You can taste the authentic taste of korean dishes for fast-breaking. But if you want other Asian cuisine you can also order Pho, a Vietnamese traditional food. Just like any other halal and moslem restaurant, you can find a prayer room or mushola in Dongmun.

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