Passpod x OVO Promotion – Free Deposit Fee for WIFI Rental!

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Passpod x OVO Promotion – Free Deposit Fee for WIFI Rental! Hi Passpod Pal! Ready for another interesting offer from Passpod? Just by doing rental WIFI transaction with OVO payment method, you don’t have to pay a deposit fee. Not. A single. Cent!. Why OVO? In this digital era, cashless lifestyle trend has developed, where you […]

You’re a Newbie Traveler? Here are 7 Countries that You Must Visit!

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You can’t deny it anymore, traveling are one of the lifestyle trends among millennials. Social media is one of the things that encourage millennials to travel. Not only for sharing photos as a form of self-expressing in cyber world, this traveling activity is also used by millennials to get to know the culture and characteristics […]

Special Discount 20% Off – Passpod x Garuda Indonesia | Passpod

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Hello Passpod Pal! Thank you for entrusting Passpod as your internet needs service provider while abroad! We will not stop to satisfy you as your travel companion. Thus, Passpod collaborated with Garuda Indonesia airlines to give you a special offer! On June 7, 2018, Passpod and Garuda Indonesia signed a cooperation agreement. This cooperation is […]

10 Interesting and Instagrammable Places in Singapore

“The grass is (always) greener (on the other side)” they said, and it was right all along. Our neighboring country–Singapore would never stop to pimp themselves. A lot of tourist destination or even public spaces have their own uniqueness and makes it instagrammable. Therefore, if you’re going to go to Singapore, too bad if you just came to […]

8 Hal Penting untuk Disiapkan di Liburan Musim Panas

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Sudah saatnya mempersiapkan liburan musim panasmu! Apakah kamu sudah menentukan destinasi liburan musim panas tahun ini? Ingin liburan musim panas ke Jepang? Korea Selatan? Eropa? Amerika? Nah, jangan lupa untuk tetap stay in style selama liburan musim panas kamu! Pakaian dan aksesoris adalah salah satu hal terpenting yang harus kamu perhatikan dalam packing list-mu. Mengapa? […]

6 Destinasi Liburan Musim Panas Terbaik

Pernah nggak sih kamu merasa penat banget dengan panasnya musim kemarau di Indonesia? Why don’t we plan for a sweet escape? Ada banyak negara yang lebih baik dikunjungi pada saat musim panas. Kebanyakan negara tersebut adalah negara yang memiliki 4 musim. Karena saat musim panas, temperatur udara di negara-negara ini hangat dan nyaman. Nah, kali […]

10 Cara Mendapatkan Tiket Pesawat Murah Tanpa Menunggu Promo

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Mencari tiket pesawat murah memang menjadi salah satu yang paling diincar oleh traveler ketika traveling ke luar negeri ataupun ke beberapa daerah di tanah air. Tidak heran jika even seperti travel fair kerap kali dipenuhi oleh banyak pengunjung yang berburu tiket pesawat murah yang ditawarkan. Namun sebetulnya ada banyak cara atau alternatif lain yang bisa […]