Mecca is one of the holy cities which also the center of Islam throughout the world. In this city there is a building called the Grand Mosque with a Kaaba in it, which is a sacred site for Islam. This is a place that is highly dreamed of by Muslims. To performing Hajj and prayer in front of the Kaaba is an opportunity that should not be missed. No wonder many Muslims always pray to be given the opportunity to perform sacred worship at the Grand Mosque. Here are the things that you should know about tradition during ramadhan in Mecca.

Ramadhan celebration in Mecca

Speaking of Mecca, the celebration of Ramadan in Saudi Arabia is always interesting because this is the country where the center of Islamic civilization is located. You must be curious about the habits and traditions of Muslims in Mecca during the holy Ramadan service. Of course the Ramadan tradition in Mecca is different from other countries. As in Indonesia, for example. The Ramadan tradition that always happen during the holy month is Ngabuburit, Buka Bersama, to Mudik before Lebaran. In other parts of the world, such as in Qatar, for example, there is the Garangaou festival which is held every 13th, 14th and 15th of the Hijri calendar. In this festival, all the children in Qatar will go around the village using special costumes as a celebration. They also use their traditional clothes as a way to respect its nation. Then what about the Ramadan tradition in the holy city of Mecca?

Ramadan tradition in Mecca

There is a significant difference if we look at the traditions of Ramadan in the holy city of Mecca. If in other countries it synonymous with celebrations. Residents of the city of Mecca actually have another way of celebrating during the fasting month. Keep in mind that providing food for people who break the fast is a commendable act and has a great reward in the eye of God. And that is the target of the people of Mecca. They provide various types of delicacies to the surrounding residents and worshipers who are performing Umrah. Local residents provide food for free and anyone who fasts may take it.

This activities are almost done every day and you will be surprised by how determined they are. By late afternoon before the time of breaking the fast. Some people will be busy taking to the streets and bringing food to the nearest mosque as a iftar offer. It is not just stop there, some people are desperate to travel long distances to be able to meet Umrah pilgrims so that they can provide free meals to the pilgrims. Another way that is often done is to invite guests to come home to get free food.

If you want to feel the sensation of how the Ramadan tradition in Mecca is done, it would be better if you come here when the fasting month arrives. Make sure you have Passpod Wifi by that works in Mecca and Medina so you can share the joy of Ramadan to others with your social media.


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