It is Ramadhan and everyone is happy to celebrate. It is common that every region has their unique tradition during the holy month. Meanwhile in Indonesia, the people also enjoying their tradition during the day as part of celebration. As the country with the largest muslim population in the world, Indonesia have a lot of celebration and activities that performed during Ramadhan. One of them is Ngabuburit, have you heard about it? Ngabuburit is Sundanese language, one of Indonesian famous tribes. It means that a person or people is seeking for amusement and distractions while waiting for day’s fast to end. So it is very common in Indonesia that people are going out during the evening while waiting Maghreb.

Another term that describing Indonesian’s tradition is Bukber, short for Buka Bersama. It means that a group of people decide to breaking the fast together in a restaurant. While you’re here, you can try Ngabuburit and finaly Bukber with your fellow mates in Jakarta. These are the best spot to Ngabuburit and Bukber in Jakarta.

  1. Mangrove Forest Angke Kapuk Park

If you type of nature-people, the Mangrove Forest Angke Kapuk Park would be suitable for you. This is nature destination where you can enjoy the scenery of mangrove forest in Angke Kapuk. It is not only nature-nuance, but is also the best spot to take a snap for your Instagram’s Feed. You can walk on the wooden bridge while exploring the area.

  1. Kota Tua

This is one of the most famous tourist destination in Jakarta. Kota Tua means Old Town, which is suitable for those who want to know more about the history of the city. You can re-trace the history and see its unique building that still the same from the VOC era. The art deco style buildings with its wide road alongside them will give you more spaces to explore the city. This one is the best place to Ngabuburit in Jakarta there is!

  1. Tribeca Park

Who says that Jakarta doesn’t have green open space that will give you time to breathe? Jakarta is known as the capital city where the polution is striking like a cancer. But it is not 100% true because you can hang out on the Tribeca park and get some fresh air during the Ramadhan month. The 1,5 hectare area will give you space to chill and enjoy its peaceful ambience.

  1. Monas (National Monument)

This is the landmark of Jakarta. Monas, short for Monumen Nasional, is historical site that now becomes the most favorite tourist spot for locals and foreigners. You can spend the evening and waiting for the day’s fast to end in here.

  1. Benhil Market

It is enough about Ngabuburit, now let’s talk about the best place to bukber in Jakarta. Benhil Market is the ultimate place for food hunter that wants to taste Jakartan delicacy. You can find various types of dishes and its unique street foods.

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