Wanna visit Malaysia for your holiday trip? Malaysia is a country inhabited by native Malay tribes who are mostly Muslim. No wonder if this country also has religious tourist attractions that are suitable to be visited during Ramadan. This holy month is indeed a very awaited time for all Muslims around the world because we will do special worship that can only be done at that time. Interestingly, fasting is also synonymous with celebrations so that many people are happy to do it.

Even some people decide to use the month of Ramadan as a time for holidays with the whole family. Religious tourism is also the best alternative that can be done. If you want to try religious tourism in Malaysia, some of the attractions below are very suitable to visit during Ramadan. Here’s some recommendation for you

Islamic Arts Meseum Malaysia

Malaysia is known as one of the countries that highly values its history and past. Not only in the aspect of statehood, Malaysia also offers you the Islamic Arts Meseum Malaysia which is a place for those who want to know the history of the development of Islam in Malaysia. This is one of the largest museums in Southeast Asia that contains the history of Islamic civilization. In addition, there are several collections of arts that are nuanced with Islam and displayed in this museum. Some of the collections that you can see at the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia are swords, war equipment, mosque carvings, ceramics, Muslim clothing, architectural and philosophical styles, jewelry, and various other types of collections made in the early 600’s. These objects come from several regions such as Morocco, Iran, Turkey, India, and China. Although very old, but the collection is well maintained and looks still authentic.

Ubudiah Mosque

Speaking of religious tourism does not seem to be complete if you do not come to one of the mosques that have a long history in Malaysia. Ubudiah Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in the country which is a symbol of the trust and pride of Muslims in Perak. The mosque has a gold-plated dome and 4 minarets with magnificent architecture. The combination makes this mosque look luxurious with striking colors. When you are in Perak, the Ubudiah Mosque must be visited so you will not regret it.

Masjid Negara, Malaysia

Another mosque that must be visited when doing religious tourism in Malaysia, the Masjid Negara. This is one of the most popular mosques in the country because it has a unique design with various ornaments that make it look very beautiful. Carved iron bars around the mosque combined with several small domes in the porch reflect the design of the Sarasen (Arabic). However, this mosque still looks modern. The State Mosque has a philosophy, namely the shape of a tower with a peaked roof symbolizing the loyalty.

There you have it, top 3 Malaysian attractions that you can choose for the next gateway. For those who don’t want to stay connected to the internet, it would be better to use Passpod.com and buy internet package for your holiday in Malaysia.


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