Wanna know 10 Most Delicious and Cheapest Place For Breakfasting in Jakarta?

Indonesia is a moslem country with big amount of moslem population. All Indonesian moslems are welcoming the Ramadan month last Monday in 5th May 2019. It has been a tradition for moslems in Indonesia to eat out for breakfasting. Usually restaurants or cafes are full during the breakfasting time especially the one with cheap price and delicious food. People like to eat out with family, friend or collegues.

Visit These 10 Best Place for Breakfasting in Jakarta

People are finding a good place for breakfasting from the food, price or even ambience. If you live in Jakarta these 10 place are recommended for breakfasting:

  • Fish Streat

This restaurat is represented by its name. You will find  varieties of fish dish in this place. The signature menu of this place is the fish and chips dish. You don’t have to spend lots of money in this restaurant because all the price are affordable.

  • Bangi Kopitiam

This restaurant offers a great ambience to gather with families or friends. You can find several branch of this restauran all over Jakarta. This restaurant is originally from Malaysia so you can find Malaysian food on the menu for example nasi lemak or chicken chop rice.

  • Aro Aroy

This place is special for Asian cuisine. You can a lot of delicious foods on the menu like ikan goreng saus lemon, orak arik telur seafood, thai suki set and so on. You can enjoy a large varietis of food here and of course with a good taste.

  • Udonku

Udon is a dish from Japan that is also famous in Indonesia. Udonku is a udon specialities restaurant located in Sudirman area. This place is quite famous so  you need to make reservation before visiting to make sure you get a table.

  • Munchies

In Mal Kota Kasablanka you will find this good place for breakfasting. Munchies is quite well known because of its food and ambience. There are western and asian type of food served in this place. Munchies is often full of visitor so it is better to make a reservation first before coming to this restaurant.

  • Batavia Cafe

Youngters usually like cafe more than typical restaurant. This Batavia Cafe offers a good ambience for ngabuburit or waiting for the breakfasting time. This restaurant is located in Kota Tua area. Indonesian and Asian food are served in this place, some of them are dim sum, rendang and capcay.

  • Sop Buntut Ibu Samino

Sop buntut or oxtail soup is  one of Indonesian favorite food. This soup is served hot with the tender oxtail meat and fresh broth. A bowl of hot oxtail soup is a good food choice for breakfasting.

  • Sate Khas Senayan

Satay or sate is also popular in Indonesia. In Jakarta you have to try Sate Khas Senayan to taste the ultimate Indonesian satay.

  • The People’s Cafe

This cafe is located in Grand Indonesia Mal. You can taste a delicious meal like creamy tuna spaghetti, nasi goreng gila and many more.

  • Warung Nagih

Indonesian people like to eat dessert in breakfasting time. If you are one of those so this place is great for you. Warung Nagih has dessert menu like toasted bread, dim sum and roti maryam.


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