“The grass is (always) greener (on the other side)” they said, and it was right all along. Our neighboring country–Singapore would never stop to pimp themselves. A lot of tourist destination or even public spaces have their own uniqueness and makes it instagrammable.

Therefore, if you’re going to go to Singapore, too bad if you just came to take a photo with Merlion statue. To make it easier for you, Passpod has compiled several unique tourist destinations which also instagrammable in Singapore. Don’t forget to note this down, okay? Who knows these places can you add to your itinerary!

1. Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by The Bay, Singapore, Supertree Grove, Marina Bay, instagrammable
Gardens by the Bay – via: https://123rf.com/

Just like its name, Gardens by the Bay is park that filled with more than 1 million types of flower and located near the Marina Bay Sands. This place is surely huge. There are several spot that you need to visit, for example Flower dome, Cloud Forest, and the most iconic Supertree Grove.

You deinitely will eager to take photos right after you see the combination of flower colors in Gardens by the Bay. At night, the lamps on Supertree Grove will light up beautifully. You can enjoy its beauty from the ground or by walking on the skywalk.

2. ArtScience Museum

Artscience Museum, Crystal Universe, Art, Contemporary Art, instagrammable
ArtScience Museum Singapore – via: https://www.gettyimages.ca/

“Where are meets science”that’s the tagline that is held by the ArtScience Museum. Every single artwork that is exhibited is combining the element of art and technology. Here’s the thing that makes the beautify give the uniqueness, and of course instagrammable a.k.a interesting to be captured.

The lotus-shaped building that this museum has is also a part of Marina Bay Sands resort. There are a lot of exhibition that you can enjoy here. One of them that you need to capture on your camera is the “Crystal Universe”. It’s an exhibition room that filled with LED lights, it makes you feel like you’re surrounded by galaxy stars.

3. Haji Lane

Haji Lane, Street Art, Sightseeing, Mural, Fashion. Hipster, instagrammable
Haji Lane – via: https://www.breakmystyle.com/haji-lane/

Claimed as the most hipster place in Singapore, Haji Lane is in fact located at the heart of moslem residence area. As you walked to this street, you will feel like being inside a new world. Vintage-like buildings that are painted with vibrant colors is able to ease your eyes.

Most of these buildings are functioned as outfit boutique and cafe. The fashionistas often seen hunting unique and high-quality clothes. Haji Lane is just not about colorful buildings, you could also see some buildings that are decorated with street art work which is of course instagrammable.

4. Chinatown

Chinatown Singapore, Singapore, Lantern, Chinese, instagrammable
Chinatown Singapore – via: https://123rf.com

Most of Singapore population is dominated by Chinese ethnicity. Therefore, Singapore Chinatown is one of the place that keeps being developed and always being taken care as a center of Chinese culture. Different from Indonesia, the Chinatown in Singapore has a lot of buildings that are huge and beautiful. Such as Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Sri Mariamman Temple.

Don’t forget to enjoy the Street Market too! Walk towards Pagoda Street, where souvenir shops with Chinese lanterns decoration filled this road. This place is great to be explored in the afternoons to evenings, where lanterns are brightly lit among sellers busy peddling their stuffs.

5. Singapore Art Museum

Singapore Art Museum, Singapore, Contemporary Art, instagrammable

From the outside, the Singapore Art Museum building has ancient colonial architecture. The atmosphere would be different if you enter it, various beautiful and eccentric contemporary artworks will welcome you. Each artwork will inspire you to capture it with a camera.

The most famous work among the visitors is “Plastic Ocean”. The philosophy behind this work is concerning the sea which has contaminated with plastic waste. As soon as you enter this exhibition room, you will feel like the sea creature who uncomfortably swim in the ocean full of plastics. So, you better reduce the use of plastic material!

6. Helix Bridge

Helix Bridge, Singapore, Marina Bay Sands, Marina Bay, Double Helix, instagrammable
Helix Bridge – via: https://123rf.com

Another one from Marina Bay area in Singapore, meet Helix Bridge! This bridge connects the Marina Center with Marina South. The curved-bridge structure gives a modern or futuristic impression.

It’s better to enjoy this place at night, because the LED lights will turned on and it is definitely great to be photographed! You can’t even feel tired when you walk down this bridge. because you will be amazed by the instagrammable views here.

7. Esplanade Bridge

Esplanade Bridge, Singapore, instagrammable
Esplanade Bridge – https://123rf.com

In Indonesia, taking pictures under the bridge might not be special. It would be different if you take a photo under the Esplanade Bridge in Singapore. The symmetrical Esplanade Bridge structure gives you moody atmosphere and industrial-like photos.

The bridge offers panoramic views of Marina South and Marina Bay. Occasionally, the bridge is closed to allow  pedestrians to view fireworks festivals on holidays.

8. MCI Building

MCI building, Singapore, Colorful building, instagrammable
MCI Building – https://dreamstime.com

Around the Clarke Quay area, there is a building that will surely steal your gaze. You will immediately understand that this building with colorful windows is very insta-worthy.

From the design of the building, you might think that this is really functioned as a tourist place. In fact, this building was functioned as the office of the Singapore Ministry of Communications and Information. Cool!


chijmes, church, catholic church, singapore, classic, instagrammable
Chijmes Singapore – via: https://dreamstime.com

Since 1852, Chijmes functioned as a monastery for Catholic priests. CHIJMES name is taken as short for Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus Middle Education School. You can’t miss the Gothic style architecture of the Chijmes building to be photographed.

This place is now known as a classic building complex located on Victoria Street. Each of these complex areas has various functions. For example, as a venue for weddings, and also commercial purposes such as shopping and dining.


bugis village, spiral staircase, colorful spiral staircase, singapore. instagrammable
Bugis Village – via: https://123rf.com

In the middle of the Bugis Village urban area, precisely at Rochor Road, there is a building that will attract your attention. These buildings are shops with the back side painted in bright colors. And you gotta believe it, they are very attractive.

This colorful symmetrical spiral stairs certainly makes your photos instagrammable. Well, please keep in mind that this is a private property, so don’t try to enter it without permission!

Well? Are you excited to choose which places you will visit for instagrammable photo hunting while in Singapore?

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See you in the next post, buddy!

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