Traveling abroad on weekends is no longer a dream. For you Indonesian people, traveling to Singapore is certainly one of the best options for spending weekend days abroad. Singapore is not too far away, the flight only takes two hours, and is suitable for urban Indonesians who only have a short vacation time. Is this your first time going to Singapore? If so, some of these tips will be useful to know before you go to Singapore.

1. Learn the Rules

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In Indonesia, people might can be freely spitting or littering, but in Singapore, you should pay attention to this. There are many general rules that you need to remember during your trip. You can’t spit, smoke, litter, chew gum in most public places. So, if you are one of those people who has one of these bad habits, you should watch of your actions.

If you are caught doing these things, there will be an officer who is ready force you to pay a fine that varies according to the type of violation you have committed. See, actually these rules keep Singapore beautiful and clean. So why don’t we contribute to keeping this country beautiful?

2. Save Money by Eating Street Food

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If you are traveling on a low budget, there are many things you can do in Singapore without draining your wallet. Avoid eating in restaurants, save your money by eating at street vendors.

Don’t worry about the hygiene value of these street vendors! The food they sell is guaranteed hygienic and tasty, because every hawker is obliged to get a permission from the Singapore government for cleanliness certification of every food they sell.

3. Utilizing Public Transportation

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Traveling around Jakarta with mass transportation might soundS tiring for you, but in Singapore, this can be one of the things you want to try! There is a MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) transportation system that can take you anywhere with the fastest time.

You can buy a ticket for a single trip, but if you intend to use the MRT and city bus several times since your arrival, you can buy the Singapore Tourist Pass. By paying S$ 10, you can get a pass containing a number of values that can take you unlimitedly around Singapore for one day.

4. Staying at Hostel

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Singapore has earned its nickname as one of the most expensive countries to live in. Don’t worry, for those of you who are not jet-setters, there are several choices that you can choose to keep your budget. Choosing a hostel for your accommodation is a one way to save your money.

Singapore has many hostels that have interesting values and of course. Staying in the hostel is also one way to get interesting new acquaintances during your trip.

5. Rent a Portable WIFI

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Staying connected to the internet connection is important during traveling. In addition from communicating with your travel mate if there is an emergency, you can also find out what is recommended in the city, or just simply to access the map.

Portable WiFi is also useful for those of you who prioritize social media updates during the trip. There are several portable WiFi rental services that you can use before you make a flight. Renting portable WiFi is also cheaper than buying a local sim card for internet packages.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your clothes and get ready to explore Singapore. Hopefully the following tips can be useful for you on your trip later. Have a good vacation!

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