You have to get to know Thailand before going on a vacation there. Before you go, you at least need to know some pieces of information about the country. This knowledge might help you during the vacation, especially if this is your first trip to Thailand.

Preparation Before Departure

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia, known for its exotics. In 2017, about 35 million people came to Thailand. When you’re in Thailand, you’ll see many things more than enough to live up your holiday! Therefore, there’s no reason for you to not visiting this country on your holiday.

  1. The Culture

The first thing you need to know is the local culture, which is similar to Indonesia. Most of the local people in Thailand are warm and very welcoming. However, the capital city Bangkok is known as ‘The Scam City’. So, you need to be careful while you are there. Once you get to know the rhythm of this country, you’ll find Thailand is so cool!

  1. Food

It’s not that hard to find good foods in Thailand.  However, if you’re a Muslim, you may need to look more carefully. Finding a halal restaurant in Thailand needs some extra efforts. Luckily, there are more halal street foods available in Thailand recently.

If you visit Khaosan Road in the middle part of Bangkok, there are many food stalls and restaurants you can choose. In fact, many of them already put a halal logo! Food stalls usually cost around THB 30 (IDR 14,000) per serving. If you want to eat at a restaurant, it will cost you around THB 800 (IDR 350,000)!

  1.  Accommodation

For the accommodation, you can try hotels on the outskirts of the city for a more budget-friendly option. Avoid staying at Khaosan Road because the rate in this area is usually expensive. Try to find a place to stay a little bit father, like in Sukhumvit area. The accommodation rate in this area is between THB 500-1,000 (IDR  220,000-450,000).

  1. Shopping

Forget the mall when you want to go shopping on a budget. Put your bargaining skill on a test while shopping at the traditional market. Make sure you bargain anytime you find a chance. You can get the same product at a cheaper price.

Low Budget Destinations in Bangkok

Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean that you can’t go to cool places in Thailand. Here are five tourist attractions in Thailand you can visit at a low cost.

  1. Grand Palace

This is one of Thailand’s landmarks you shouldn’t miss. There is a saying that you haven’t been to Thailand if you haven’t seen the Grand Palace. The entry fee is quite affordable, at only THB 500 or IDR 220,000.

Grand Palace, known as Wat Phra Kaew to the locals, was once a palace where the king resides with and his family. Today, the Grand Palace is one of Bangkok’s landmarks which attracts tourist all over the world.

  1. Wat Pho

Wat Pho (The Reclining Buddha Temple) is famous for its enormous reclining Buddha statue. The statue is 46 meters long and 15 meters high. To enter this temple, you only need THB 100 or IDR 44,000. The ticket fee includes a small bottle of mineral water. You can also learn about the story of the life of Buddha here.

  1. Madame Tussauds Museum

Who doesn’t know this infamous wax museum? This museum hosts wax statues of most celebrated public figures around the world. Indonesia should be proud for having the wax figure of President Jokowi and former President Soekarno in this museum.

The entrance fee to this museum is rather fluctuating depends on the season. It is better to buy e-voucher which would cost you less than buying on site.

  1. Dusit Zoo

If you are on a family vacation with kids, the Dusit Zoo is the place to go to keep the kids happy. The zoo hosts many attractions besides its’ huge collections of animals. The entrance fee is only about THB 150 for adults (around IDR 66,000) and THB 50 for children (around IDR 22,000).

  1. Kamthieng House Museum

Another low-cost destination in Bangkok is Kamthieng House Museum. In this museum, you can see the traditional culture of Thai people. There is a traditional house called Lanna; ancient artifacts, and a lot more interesting stuff to observe. The ticket is only THB 100 or IDR 44,000.

Free Destinations in Bangkok!

While you still need to spend some money to visit those destinations above, you can actually enjoy some attractions in Bangkok for free.

  1. Temple exploring

The city of Bangkok is full of historical values. With that being said, Bangkok is a mesmerizing city to explore for those who love history. You will be amazed by how the locals in Bangkok preserve their culture and history.

In Bangkok, there are so many temples and ancient ruins you can visit at no cost. There are at least 10 main temples you can visit for free. Each temple has its own unique characters.

  1. Hang out at Khaosan Road

Some say the Khaosan Road is the heart of Bangkok. It’s like Malioboro in Yogyakarta or Orchard in Singapore. This is the busiest and most known street among travelers. There are many places you can choose to hang out at for free. You can also walk around and make friends with other travelers.

  1. Chatuchak Weekend Market

This is the cheapest shopping place in Bangkok. Living up to its name, Chatuchak Weekend Market only opens on weekends. You can buy many things at a very low price, especially if you are good at bargaining.

  1. Lumpini Park

If you are not a fan of crowd places, Lumpini Park is perhaps your best spot to get yourself refreshed. Try to come here in the morning. You’ll be able to see how the locals doing their daily activities. It’s a good time to blend with them to feel their hospitality.

  1. MBK Fight Night

This is a great place for you who like Muaythai. At MBK Mall, you can watch Muaythai match for free. Try to come to MBK Mall when there is a match, usually on Wednesday at 6 pm. You can check the schedule through social media or ask directly to the locals.

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Traveling On Budget Tips in Thailand

To maximize your trip, here are some tips you can try:

  1. Use public transport

You can blow up your holiday budget if you don’t choose your transport wisely. As soon as you arrive in Thailand, many people want to ride on a tuk-tuk, the most popular traditional public transport in Thailand.

Since you probably still don’t know the price range and distance from one place to another, avoid taking this mode of transportation because there is no fixed fare. It is better to choose something better with a fixed fare.

  1. Booking flight tickets and hotels earlier

It’s not a secret that you have to make a plan for your trip far before you leave for the holiday. You can control your expense easily and there are more chances you would get a lower rate for hotel and flight tickets.

  1. Estimate the cost of your holiday

For a four-day trip to Thailand, how much does it cost? Here is the estimated cost that you need to prepare for a four-day trip to Thailand.

  1. Back and forth flight tickets: IDR 1,500,000
  2. Accommodation cost: IDR 1,000,000
  3. Transportation and activities or sightseeing fees: IDR 1,000,000

You’ll need about IDR 3,500,000 to have a trip on a budget in Thailand for four days. Not that expensive, right? No wonder many people still choose Thailand for their budget travel destinations. Happy holiday and feel the amiable atmosphere of the country!

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