If you have the opportunity to backpack in Bangkok, surely you will make sure to get the most out of it, right? Bangkok is popular for being one of the cheap tourist destinations with lots of attractive destinations.

If you love backpacking trip, prepare your mental and physical condition before going! Check out these things to get to know Bangkok a bit better!


Your preparation for a backpacking trip to Bangkok will determine whether it is going to be a success or not. You also need to make a budget plan to estimate the cost you need.

The first thing to consider is your flights fare. Buy tickets in advance to get a cheaper fare. After that, you need to find affordable yet comfortable accommodation.

Choosing accommodation in the middle of the city could be your best option for it would be easier to go around the city. For this too, you must book in advance to get the best deal. For a more affordable option, you can find accommodation a bit at to rural area of town.

Another important preparation is to make sure that you are always connected to the internet during the holidays. You can rent a portable W-Fi modem to keep you connected on social media.

Insisting on using data roaming through local operators could cost you a lot of money. Staying connected to the internet also allows you to get last-minute deals for attraction tickets.

Cheap Travel Destinations in Bangkok

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Surely, there are paid tourist destinations. But there is also some attraction you can visit without paying anything. Here are some budget-friendly tourist attractions recommendations you can add to the itinerary.

  1. Lumpini Park

Very recommended for morning tours. This is the city’s favorite park for jogging, cycling, picnics, or just hanging out enjoying the morning atmosphere.

  1. Wat Pho

Ever wondered where the famous giant Sleeping Buddha Statue is located? This is the place. The entrance ticket is only 100 THB and you will get mineral water.

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  1. Temple Exploring

Bangkok has about 10 main temples you can visit at a considerably low cost. These attractions are perfect if you like photography.

  1. Bangkok Public Library

The modern and artistic design of this library is very good for photo spots. What’s better is that you can enter this library for free.

  1. Museums

You can visit many museums in Bangkok. The entrance fees are not at all expensive. The most recommended is the Bangkok National Museum with a ticket price of only 200 THB.

  1. Bangkok Art and Culture Center

This cool place displays the artworks of local and foreign artists. You can enjoy the collections here at no cost at all. You can also spend a relaxing time at the cafe or browse the collections at the bookstore and souvenir shops.

  1. Chinatown

A trip to the Chinatown is mandatory if you are a foodie traveler. Foods are great and you get to shop for some souvenirs too. Prices can vary from one shop to the other. Put your haggling skill to the test to make sure you get the best deal.

  1. Asiatique the Riverfront

Asiatique the Riverfront is the best place for afternoon sightseeing. You can try various snacks and beverages while basking in the sunset. Located on the edge of the river, this place gives a cozy vibe for backpackers.

  1. Khan Sao Road

This place is very popular among backpackers from all over the world. Food and souvenir here are considered affordable. Come at night time to enjoy the best atmosphere.

  1. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Liven up to its’ name, this market only runs on weekends; every Saturday and Sunday. This is a favorite spot for tourists to hunt souvenirs or foods. Although, you may need to come early to maximize your shopping time.

There you have some plans to add to your Bangkok itinerary. What are you waiting for? Happy backpacking.


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