Fasting Time! Ramadhan is coming! Ramadan is a holy month for muslim around the world. This is a special month where we celebrate our observance with fasting. This is a special ritual that only be done in Ramadan and that’s why this celebration is very special for us. The rule is very simple, we are not allowed to eat after Imsak and we break the fast when the Maghreb comes. In some countries, this celebration has certain difficulties since the day is longer than the night. Meanwhile in some parts of the world, muslim could be very lucky because the nights are longer than the days.

If you live ini Asian country, then you could be very lucky since the average fasting times is only 13 hours. Moreover, here is the list of the longest and the shortest fasting hours in the world.

The Longest Fasting Hours in the World

  1. Skandinavian

The Skandinavian, including Sweden, Finland, and Norwegia located in the north of Europe. Those are the place where sometimes the nights are longer than the days, and vice versa. Meanwhile Ramadhan comes with month-based calendar where it could mean that it is summer on the Skandinavian. When it happens, then the Skandinavian muslim community have 21 hours fasting before they are allowed to eat.

  1. Russia

As the biggest country in the world, where it stretched from the Europe to Asia, some parts of the Russian located in the top north of the world and make them having the longest fasting in the world. When the summer comes, the day could last for more than 22 hours. Saint Petersburg, for example, this is one of the cities that have longest days during the summer. When Ramadhan occur in summer, then the muslim will get 22 hours of fasting.

  1. Greenland

The giant island on the north of the England is also one of the places that have longest fasting times. The average fasting hours in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, is 19,9 hours. It could be longer when you live in the north part of Greenland that gets few sunlight during the day.

After we know about which the countries that have the longest fasting times, other muslim are lucky since they don’t need a lot of time to fasting. Here’s the list of the shortest fasting in the world.

  1. Australia

Located in the south part of the world, the average fasting hours in Australia is 11 to 12 hours. Even muslim in there said that they do not encounter huge challenge during Ramadhan due to the shorter period.

  1. Argentina

Only a few muslim live in the Argentina, but they could be very lucky since the fasting time is only 9 hours which means one-third of the day.

  1. Chile

Another Latinos country, Chile, is also having the shortest fasting time in the world. The Fajr starts at 05.31 and the Maghreb comes at 15.00, which is just 9 hours 12 minutes of fasting times. The time is shorter during the winter.


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