Could you still have a great holiday when you’re fasting? Moslems around the world are welcoming the holy month, Ramadan this early May. All adult moslems are obliged to do fasting from dawn until dusk for the whole month. In this fasting month moslems are not allowed to eat and drink in between dawn and dusk. But that doesn’t mean you can not do the activities like usual, even holiday. You still can have a blast holiday in fasting month but of course with some strategies. Even though fasting do not restrict people from doing all daily activities, you still have to consider some things to be able to go on a holiday.

5 Things to Be Considered When Having a Holiday in Fasting Month

Do you want to go on a holiday in Ramadan month? Don’t worry, these are some useful tips for you:

Try to find a destination which is moslem friendly

Not all places in this world are friendly for moslems, but in some countries there are specific places or town that has a big moslem communities. In this fasting month it is really comfortable to go to a place when you can find mosque and halal food easily.

If you want to go to Japan, Chiba prefecture is a great destination. There is a moslem community that will really help you to face the fasting month easily. Another example is Itaewon in South Korea. In Itaewon you will find a big mosque surrounded with moslems area.

Limit your physical activities or outdoor activities

You need to be aware that your body condition during fasting is different than the usual days. You could get dehydrated easily because the lack of water consumption during the day. Remember to limit your activities. Try to find more indoor activities rather than the outdoor one.

Consume lots of nutritious food when having sahoor of iftar

To help keeping your body fit and healthy always remember to eat nutritious food every day. Choose variety of food with good and balance nutrition. Always eat protein, carbohydrate, fat and other essential nutrition. Don’t forget to eat fruits also vegetables to fulfill your need of fiber.

Rest well

Your body must be exhausted after doing lots of activities during your holiday. Keep yourself healthy by having a good and enough rest. Do not sleep to late because you need to get up early to have sahoor.

Drink lots of water

Fasting forbid you from drinking water during the day. But you still can keep hydrated by drinking lots of water when shaoor, after breakfasting and during the night. Keeping yourself hydrated is a very important thing to do to have a good holiday while fasting.

If you are having a holiday abroad internet connection is one of the ‘must-have’ thing to help you find halal place for breakfasting and so on. Passpod provide portable wifi that allows you to always get the best connection wherever  you are.So you can still have a great holiday when you’re fasting!

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