You should know the safe trips tips during Lebaran 2019! When the Ramadhan is over, the muslim people in Indonesia has one tradition left to do. It is Mudik, which means returning to their hometown after spending their time in another city. It is a common thing in Indonesia because we keep this value for more than a century. The younger needs to visit their older as a way of respect the family. That’s why almost all muslim in Indonesia that have been migrating to another city decide to return to their hometown at all cost. They will not bother with the price of the plane ticket or any other expenses. It shows that family is more important than the material they possessed.

And if you have a plan to return to your hometown at the end of Ramadhan, it would be better if you prepare everything. Here some tips for those who want to mudik Lebaran 2019.

  1. Decide the Time

It is the most crucial thing to consider. You need to decide when will you return to your home and when the time you will come back to the city. It is important because once you decide the time, then it is easier to decide other things such as the the transportation use or the plane ticket that you should booked earlier.

  1. Plot the Budget

Another thing to consider before you return to your hometown is the budget plot. Basically, it is up to you and we just want to remind you that budgeting is important. We know that the price of the public transportation is expensive during Lebaran. And you should give a small amount of your money to your relatives in the hometown. Just make sure that you didn’t drain your bank account for this event.

  1. Check the Car

For some people, it is flexible if you drive your own car to the hometown because it is affordable, accessible, and you can bring the whole family members in a car. If it is so, just make sure that you have checked to car before you take the long drive. You can contact the mechanic in your area to check all the car’s component so it is safe to drive.

  1. Mind your Health

Whether it is using public transportation or your personal vehicle, mudik lebaran is time-consuming and exhausting. You need to keep your body healthy by doing enough exercise and eat healthy foods. You don’t want your health drop right after you arrived in the hometown, right? So, mind your health for God’s sake.

  1. Having Insurance

And the last but not least, it is better if you have travel insurance that will cover all of the possibilities that could happen in the future. If you haven’t had travel insurance yet, offers you affordable travel insurance for those who want to take a trip in-country or out of country. The insurance will ensure that your journey is protected and you can feel safe to spend your time with the one you love. You can enjoy your safe Trips Tips during Lebaran with Insurance.

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