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You still remember Harry Potter movie, don’t you? Although the sequel has ended in 2011, in fact this film still gives a great impression on the hearts of its fans named Potterhead.

Harry Potter series itself was adopted from J.K Rowling’s bestseller novel which are consisting of 8 fantasy films. It’s not just an exciting story line, the charisma of the actors also makes this film sell well. It can’t be denied that they have their own distinctive characters!

Instead of missing it, Let’s follow us! Passpod will invite you to nostalgic places with Harry Potter theme and feel firsthand the sensation of life in the world of magic!

Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios Japan

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As a Potterhead, this place is a must destination. Let’s forget the muggle world for a while! : D

In here, you can explore the corridors of Hogwarts Castle while enjoying the living paintings on the wall. In addition, don’t forget to ride the Hippgriff roller-coaster and visit The Great Lake. If you like the big, kind hearted Hagrid, you can also visit Hagrid’s Hut then take some photos there.

After getting around, you probably will feel little bit thirsty.  Just go straight to Three Broomstick Tavern or Hog’s Head to enjoy a glass of butter beer which is certainly very familiar in the film. For those of you who are Muslim, don’t worry! Because even though the name is beer, this drink doesn’t even contain alcohol at all. Interesting, right?

Next, we will go back to Hogrwats Castle and enjoy Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey rides. You will find lots of objects or spots that you can photograph in here, such as the Hogwarts Express (iconic train in this film), Honey dukes, Sirius Black Posters and mysterious but adorable owls.

Last but not least, don’t forget to visit the Village of Hogsmeade. There are so many Harry Potter souvenirs, like the Chocolate Frogs that Ron likes to buy, wands, and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavored Beans. Wow! it would be fun to have a flavored beans challenge with your friends.

King’s Cross Station, Inggris

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Flying a little bit far, let’s fly to England! In here, the first destination you can visit is King’s Cross Station. It’s on Platform 9 ¾ specifically, i’m sure you know why! 😉 Yep! Platform 9 ¾ itself in the film is told as a barrier between the world of ordinary humans and the world that brings to Hogwarts magic school or the entrance for wizards. The location is exactly between platforms 9 and 10. So, don’t get the wrong platform! : D

Even more exciting, platform 9 ¾ is made in a very similar to what is described in books and visualizations of films. Half of the trolleys on this platform are available to take you through the walls of King’s Cross Station. For the cost itself, you can be no worry because there is no charge at all! Yeay! If you wanna take some pictures on this spot, all you need is patient, guys! Because the queue is quite long. 😉

Harry Potter Highlights, Singapura

Harry potter highlight, singapore, singapura
Source: Asia Adventure Trips

After flying all the way to England, let’s go back to our neighboring country. In Singapore, there is a restaurant themed Harry Potter called Harry Potter Highlights. If you still remember the scene of a meal at the Great Hall, you would be amazed by this restaurant. The atmosphere here is made exactly like in a movie and you can also find an Express Trolley that carries cakes like at Hogwarts to deliver to students. Chill out, guys! You can also taste those cakes in here! What a fun!

Beside a variety of foods, they also have some Hogwarts drinks. Do you still remember the same roast turkey that Ron Weasley’s mother cooks, roasted beef, etc.? If it is yes, Great! because you can order all of those and taste them in here.

After having some foods and drinks from the magic world, you also will be challenged with a variety of interesting and exciting games. And this game will give you prizes if you win. Curious enough? Plan your trip here!

Museum Context, Hong kong

Museum context, hongkong, harry potter, passpod
Source: Timeout.com

If you wanna something more mysterious and adventurous, the Context Museum is the answer! This museum is created by Andrew McRae which is made like an antique shop themed Harry Potter in Edinburgh.

The museum will give you a unique experience that might be unforgettable. Because they will make you feel that you are attending Professor Flitwick’s class in the center of Hong Kong. What kind of activities that can we do here? Don’t worry, Guys! There are lots of fun activities that you can do here. Let yourself swinging your wand and getting a direct response from the swing like in the magic world exactly! You also will be invited to take a peek at the cupboard filled with potions, robes, badge, puzzle, or chess board that certainly makes you want to play more.

Museum Owl Art & Craft, Korea Selatan

owl art, craft, korea, seoul, harry potter
Source: Imagine Your Korea

In Hogwarts, the students must choose their own pets and some of them choose owl as their lovely pet. Remember Hedwig, Errol, and Pigwidgeon? Yep! They are the names of some owls in this movie, the spooky but cute pet ever! hiihihihi.  Now, It’s your time to see and play directly to those adorable creatures, Guys! At South Korea’s Owl Art & Craft Museum, precisely in Seoul you will be able to see with your own eyes the variety of owls from 70 different countries!

This museum building was a private residence transformed into a museum that houses more than 2000 objects of owls. Wow! Some of them are from China, the United States, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Not only owls, you can also enjoy views of neatly arranged stamps, clocks, and old postcards. For the cost itself, you just need to pay 5,000 won or equivalent to Rp. 64,000 and you will be able to join the museum tour with a cup of tea that makes you feel more at home.

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Expected Inn, Jepang

expected inn, japan, jepang, harry potter, apartment, hotel
Source: Feel Fukuoka

As a fan of the Harry Potter movie, have you ever wondered how it feels to live in the Hogwarts dormitory? In Japan, precisely in Fukuoka you can get rid of your curiosity! Because the lodging at the Expected Inn looks really similar design as the dormitory in the movie.

In here, you will find the famous Fat Lady painting and the area that looks like the Hogwarts hall with antique bricks and lamps. Using the concept of an apartment, this inn is available in two bedrooms, a living room, a dining area, and a kitchen. Go on vacation with the group? Take it easy, Pals! the Expected Inn can accommodate up to 16 people! And the most important thing is  this inn makes us feel the atmosphere of the Hogwarts dormitory.

Access to Expected Inn is also not really difficult, because the location is only 10 minutes from JR Hakata station. But, Passpod advises you to book it as soon as possible. Because of the uniqueness of this apartment makes this apartment fully book everyday.

Hedley Books & Cafe, Malaysia

hedwig books and cafe, malaysia, harry potter
Source: The Artsy Craftsy

Fortunately, you can find this cafe in our neighboring country, Malaysia. In this cafe, you can find some Harry Potter things such as robes, scarves and magic wands that you can choose as you wish. Wow! it feels like we are the real student of Hogwarts, right?

After having little snacks, you can also read many various kinds of books. Besides, some spots here are so instagram-able that allow you to take photos as much as you want or playing fun board games.

Are you enjoy our journey, Guys? There are still many Harry Potter destination around the world that you can visit. Even the holidays may seem far away, it’s better to plan your vacation earlier!  At Passpod, you can enjoy the free “Trip Planner” feature to compile whatever is needed for your vacation. And also don’t forget to buy your attraction tickets and book your internet connection!

Well, That’s all #StoryofPasspod for today. Don’t forget to make your vacation is more exciting, simple, and memorable with Passpod! 🙂

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