Do you ever wonder why your vacation is still over-budget despite planning everything thoroughly? Let’s check these five common mistakes you should avoid.

Avoid These 5 Habits to Make Your Holiday Budget On Track

Budget-planning before going on a vacation is a necessity. Take a double check on what could possibly make you spend more.

  1. Using Internet Without Specialized Modem

If you travel abroad, renting a modem is one option to save your internet cost. Having an unlimited connection to the Internet allows you to contact your family or friends in your home country. Using a portable modem is also necessary to get any information you need in your destination country.

For example, when you need to find a route to a specific place or looking for weather information, you obviously need an internet connection wherever you are. Renting a portable modem is the best solution you can get to keep your internet cost on budget.

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No one is willing to spend some hundred thousand rupiahs just to check emails for 30 seconds. That’s why you should consider renting a portable Wi-Fi with unlimited roaming data at an affordable price.

There are so many portable Wi-Fi options that are easily used in your destination country. Check out for more information before going abroad.

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  1. Buying Flight Tickets Twice

Sometimes, you come across a situation where you have to buy another flight ticket. Maybe you were being late and missed the flight. Or perhaps you didn’t plan your transit time well and missed the next flight.

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Buying a new flight ticket could make you over-budget. Make sure you come two hours before the departure time. If you need to make a connecting flight, make sure you have enough layover time between the flights.

  1. Overweight Luggage

It is tempting to pack a lot of things, thinking you might need them in your vacation. The fact is, many of those things may not be necessary. What’s worse, you could find your luggage is over-weight and you have to pay extra baggage.

This extra baggage could cost you much more than what you planned before. Instead, you could use the extra money for something else.

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Therefore, before going to the airport, make sure you weight your luggage to make sure it is within the allowed weight range to enter the aircraft cabin. Each airline usually has different rules regarding the limit of your luggage weight. Remember to look for this information before you start packing.

  1. Meals in Airport/Plane

Fill your tummy at home before leaving for your trip could save you a dime. Especially when you are going to take a plane without an in-flight meal.

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Food price both at the airport and on the plane is usually higher than in other places. It is better to avoid buying food at all cost. If you have an early morning flight and wouldn’t time for a breakfast, make sure to bring some foods to eat while waiting for boarding time at the airport.

  1. Not Booking Hotel Earlier

Before going on a trip, make sure you already book a hotel earlier. Avoid booking hotels upon arrival. You may not get the room you desired, especially during high season.

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Even if you manage to get a room, the price could be way higher. In that case, it is better to book a hotel before you arrive at your destination. It will be more economical if you book the accommodation bundled with your flight tickets. Buying in bundles is more practical and usually less costly.

Those are five things that may cause your vacation over-budget. Keep in mind to stay away from those five mistakes to keep your vacation budget on track. Don’t forget to rent a portable Wi-Fi to make sure you have an Internet connection to get every needed information. Happy Holiday!

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