Do you know that Turkey has The Most Popular Mosque? Turkey is one of the countries known for its fascinating tourist attractions. The country which is directly adjacent to Europe and Asia also has a variety of cultures and traditions thanks to the geographical location. If you plan to vacation in Turkey, you can choose several tourist attractions that are in accordance with your wishes. Want to try exciting adventures in Turkey? Cappadocia is the best place to enjoy natural beauty while riding a hot air balloon.

But if you want to visit Turkey and enjoy religious tourism, there are many choices of places to visit. Turkey is a country with a population that is predominantly Muslim. Here, you can choose to visit 7 popular mosques for religious tourism.

  1. Blue Mosque

This mosque was built in 1609 and is known for the beauty of 6 magnificent towers. The process of making this mosque took 7 years and just finished in 1616. Many consider that the Blue Mosque is similar to the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

  1. UluCamii Mosque

The UluCamii Mosque is more than 600 years old but still stands firm and looks magnificent. With the Seltjuk architectural style, this mosque is very unique because it has 20 domes and is decorated with calligraphy carvings that make the interior of the mosque look stunning.

  1. Great Mosque in Mardin Turkey

Located in southeast Turkey, this mosque is on the outskirts of Iraq and Syria. After becoming an Islamic city in the Umayyad era, this mosque was built in the 19th century and became one of the relics of Islam in the past. Many believe that this mosque was a church.

  1. Selimiye Mosque in Edirne Turkey

Edirne’s name is not familiar to the traveler’s ears. But this city has beautiful scenery because it is flanked by Greece and Bulgaria. There is a Selimiye Mosque in the city of Edirne that can be visited as a religious tourism.

  1. Rustem Pasha Mosque in Istanbul

This mosque is a symbol of how magnificent the style of typical Ottoman architecture is clearly visible coloring the city of Istanbul, the capital of Turkey. Inside, the interior of the mosque is filled with red ceramic ornaments from Iznik, an area famous for its ceramic crafts.

  1. Sulaimaniyah Grand Mosque in Turkey

There is another special mosque that becomes Turkey’s attraction for Muslims. This is the largest mosque which is also an icon of the city of Istanbul. Built in Ottoman times, this mosque combines Byzantine design with design elements that reflect Islam. Make sure that you visit this mosque while you are in Turkey.

  1. Diyarbakir Great Mosque of Turkey

Many people think that Diyarbakir is the oldest heritage area on earth. Moreover, this city has existed since 2000 years ago. Diyarbakir Mosque is also believed to be the oldest mosque in Mesopotamia. Uniquely, before Islam was adopted by Turkish society, this mosque was a church building which was later renovated into a mosque.

Now you know where to go when you are in Turkey. But if you want another tourist attractions option, you can visit for more informations. Enjoy your holiday trip on The Most Popular Mosque in Turkey~

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