These Are 6 Ramadan Traditions that Only Exist in Indonesia! Ramadhan is not only means to devote and increase our faith to God. It is also a time of celebrations for the muslim community around the world. Each country has their own culture and tradition. In Indonesia, there are several unique traditions that occur during the holy month. It is not only just fasting, but there are many of them. It is because Indonesia is a large country that has more than 1.000 islands and more than 700 tribes. That what makes this country is rich in culture, festival, and uniqueness.

For those who are curious about Indonesian unique traditions during the Ramadhan, let me show you the most popular Ramadhan celebration in Indonesia!

  1. Nyekar

The Javanese people believe that Ramadhan is the best time to clean their body and sould altogether. It makes them to come to the graveyard to pray for their relatives that died. They also come to clean the tomb as a way of respect the dead. After it is done, they will spary the flower at the tomb.

  1. Megengan

Another Javanese tradition that performed to celebrate the holy month is Megengan. It is done prior Ramadhan as a signal that people need to hold their desire during the holy month. That’s why people are gather and eath together before they are not allowed to eat during the day of Ramadhan. This is a unique tradition because everyone is gather and eat from the same plate.

  1. Ngabuburit

Ngabuburit is seeking distraction before Maghreb and people sometimes do a lot of things, such as go out to the park, search for culinary to break the fasting, or sometimes just gather and chat. It occurs during 3 p.m up to break the fasting and during that time, people are going out flooding on the streets.

  1. DugDer

It is a terminology that adopted from the sound of Bedug, one of Indonesian traditional music instrumen. The word ‘Dug’ comes from Bedug. And ‘der’ is the sound of Bedug so it’s called Dugder. People hit the drum during the ngabuburit. In some region, people play this intrument in the middle of the night in order to wake people around so they can enjoy Sahur.

  1. Balimau

In the land of Minangkabau, West Sumatra, there is a unique tradition named Balimau. As we mentioned it before that Ramadhan is month of holy so we need to clean our body and soul, Minang people has its own way to clean their body. They will bath with water that blend with Lime and that’s why it is named Balimau. They believe that taking a bath with this water will clean the body and gives fragrant.

  1. Mudik

Last but not least, mudik is the ultimate tradition to close the Ramadhan month. Mudik is returning to hometown to see the relatives. People mudik at the end of Ramadhan so they can celebrate the Idul Fitr with all the family members. If you want to mudik this year, make sure you have travel insurance from that will protect your journey.


Now you already know  6 Ramadan Traditions that Only Exist in Indonesia. Enjoy your ramadhan vibes with your lovely ones!

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