Winter is a great time to have a holiday in Europe. Spending a holiday in a different country with a different climate will be a memorable experience. However, before going abroad in winter, many things need to take into preparation. Don’t forget to rent a Europe Wifi service to keep in touch with your beloved ones back in Indonesia.

Here are several tips to have a wonderful winter holiday in Europe. Check out these tips below to help you make better preparations for a vacation full of great experiences.

  1. Limit Your Stuff

It will be easier if your hands are not holding more than one bag at once. Just imagine how hard it will be trying to hold an umbrella in your right hand, while your left hand is carrying a big bag. Not to mention if you have to change transportation several times.

In the winter, the railroad platform is usually covered with snow. You have to consider this if you decide to get around by train in Europe. It is better to bring only one luggage and one handbag/backpack with you during vacation. An overload luggage will be a hassle for you to get around.

  1. The Winter Gear

You won’t be out in the snow all the time, therefore, bring a jacket or coat you easily take off and when you enter a building. Besides, prepare some other items to keep you warm in the cold weather such as:

  1. Gloves made of wool.
  2. Thick socks.
  3. Beanie hat to cover your ears from the cold weather.
  4. Thick jacket.
  5. Warm and waterproof boats
  6. Small umbrella.

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3. Facing the Shorter Days

During winter, the sun in Europe rises late and sets earlier so the days are shorter. If you go to northern Europe like Germany—especially in Berlin, the sun rises at 8 am and sets at 4 pm. You only have about 8 hours to enjoy your daylight activities.

Knowing when the sun rises and set is very important and allows you to plan a better itinerary to maximize your time. You could possibly face a sudden temperature change when the sun has set even though it’s still 4 pm. The best things to do is going for indoor activities right away.

  1. Choosing the Right Country to Visit

Before deciding your winter trip destination, you need to know what you want to do during the holiday. For example, if you want to go shopping at Christmas Market, countries like Germany, Austria, and Swiss are the best options. But if you want to do some skiing and snowboarding, go to Italy, France, Swiss or Austria.

Besides those main destinations, you need to pay attention to the temperature comparison between those countries. Every part of Europe has a different temperature range. In Western Europe, the highest temperature in winter is about 5 degree Celsius. The lowest temperature is about 0 degrees Celsius. In Eastern Europe, the highest temperature is around 0 degrees Celsius, while the lowest temperature is around -6 degrees Celsius.

While in Southern Europe, you can find countries with the warmest temperature. Usually, the highest temperature is around 7 degrees Celsius, and the lowest temperature is around 0 degree Celsius. In North Europe, the highest temperature can reach 1 degree Celsius, with the lowest temperature is around -4 degrees Celsius.

  1. Avoid Wasting Time Walking Around

Maybe you like to take a walk downtown. However, you shouldn’t do that in Europe during the winter. It’s not a good idea to spend the limited 8-hour a day in Europe by walking. Your energy will drop quickly and you won’t be able to enjoy the surrounding to the fullest since it’s freezing cold outside. If you insist on walking, make a pause every once in a while to spend one or two hours in the café to enjoy a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate.

Enjoying Europe in winter is best when you use the public transportation. Most European countries have implemented a good public transportation network. Use them to reserve your energy when roaming around the city.

  1. Train as the Main Transportation

Renting a car in winter is obviously not a wise option, that’s why you should use the train. Europe is known for its efficient train network.

Be flexible with your schedule. It is possible your train got delayed due to the bad weather. If a train schedule demands to change the route, you need to reschedule your itinerary carefully.

Also, be careful at the station platform because the snow can make it very slippery. Here are several tips for using the train as your main transportation:

  1. Come to the station 20 minutes before the departure time. Most European big stations have many platforms with short departure time for each train. You will likely get flustered if you are not used to changing platforms quickly. In this case, you have to come earlier to the station.
  2. Always check your train number and get information in which platform it will depart. Examine carefully through the train board in the station.
  3. When you are at a platform, find a symbol that shows where the wagon will stop, so you can easily hop in. Some stations provide the symbol on the electronic screen.

7. Make Sure You Have an Internet Connection

Renting Europe Wi-Fi service is a necessity. By connecting to the internet, you can find the best route or address to certain tourism objects. You can also check for weather information on the internet.

Those are several tips you need to know if you would like to spend a winter holiday in Europe. Are you ready to go to Europe this winter?

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