It is possible that unexpected things disrupt your well-planned holiday. Being prepared for the unexpected doesn’t mean we want the holiday to turn bad. How trivial it may seem, an unexpected problem could ruin your vacation. Thus, make sure you’re prepared for these situations before going on a vacation!

  1. Wallet/Documents Loss

Losing your wallet is definitely one of the most terrible things that could happen to you during vacation. Just in case this happens, it is very important for you to be ready to go cashless.

Most banks now have a mobile app. Make sure you have the app installed on your phone and synced to your bank account. This app can also assist you to get connected with customer care if you happen to lose your card.

For a bank related transaction, you definitely need a secure unbreachable internet connection. Therefore, renting a Wi-Fi is highly recommended. You can make the transaction through digital apps without fear of being hacked or have your account breached.

  1. Canceled Reservation

Even though it doesn’t happen often, it’s still a possibility your reservation get canceled. Make sure you bring along printed reservation details or a screenshot of the reservation email.

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  1. Lost Suitcase

Losing a suitcase on vacation is indeed a nightmare. Make sure you put tags or labels on your suitcase. Write down your mobile number and address on the label.

  1. Accident

It is very important to prepare yourself for an accident although certainly, no one expects something bad happens during the holidays. Check if you have travel insurance that covers it all.

Prepare some documents that you might need for insurance claims. Make sure you assign someone as your emergency contact in case something bad happened to you.

  1. Loss of Communication

Communication is certainly very important in every situation. But it becomes even more essential during vacation. When something unexpected happens during vacation, you might need to make a call. Make sure your phone is always connected to the internet. You might want to bring a power bank to make ensure your phone’s battery life.

Still, a full battery is useless if there is no internet connection. You can consider renting a portable Wi-Fi before going on a vacation. No need to worry anymore about communication. You can enjoy your vacation without worrying about anything because you can always contact the closest people anytime you want.

Make sure you plan thoroughly to have the best vacation experience. Have a nice holiday!


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