Recommended Halal Restauran For Fast-Breaking in Singapore for you! In early May 2019 all moslems in the world started the fasting month. In this Ramadan month moslems can only eat after dusk (maghrib) until dawn. They are not allowed to eat or drink anything in between dawn until dusk. The time when moslem are allowed to eat and drink after doing a fasting all day is called fast-breaking. Not being allowed to eat anything the whole day sometimes make the appetite burst and you want to eat anything that looks delicious. That’s why lots of restaurant and eating places are full during the fast-breaking time.

Visit This Halal Restaurant in Singapore for Fast-Breaking. Here they are :

When you are fasting abroad there might be some difficulties, especially in a country that is not moslem friendly. But if you are going on a vacation in a country with lots of moslem citizen then it wouldn’t be a big problem. If you are visiting Singapore there are some halal restaurants providing halal foods for your fast-breaking, which are:

  • Hararu Izakaya

This restaurant is located in Arab Street. It is quite easy to find halal restaurant in this location and you can find Hararu Izakaya at the end of this street. This is a halal Japanese restaurant that serves Japanese style foods. You can eat such barbeques that is roasted using charcoal. There are big varieties of foods such as chicken, beef, salmon and so on. All the foods in this restaurant will raise your appetite.

  • Hajah Maimuhan Restaurant

The next restaurant is Hajah Maimunah Restaurant in Pisang Street 11. This restaurant specility is in traditional Indonesian food and of course all the menus are halal. You can choose between lemak siput, ikan bakar, Sundanese roasted chicken, sambal goreng, tehu telur, oxtail soup and rendang. Hajah Maimunah Restaurant is open at 12.00 and closed at 23.00 so it’s available to have fast-breaking here.

  • Singapore Zam-Zam

Singapore Zam-Zam is the oldest halal restaurant in Singapore which already popular among moslems community in this country. You can find this restaurant at Arab Street 697, North Bridge Road. This restaurant’s special menu is Indian Food like biryani rice, prata bread and other delicious dishes with special spices.

  • Fluff Bakery

After eating the main dish you must not forget to eat the dessert. Fluff Bakery has many desserts choice to complete your fast-breaking time. Don’t worry because Fluff Bakery has already got the halal sertificate to ensure all the products are safe for moslems. Tarts, cakes, cupcakes and many other sweet desserts can be found in Fluuff Bakery. For keeping all the consumer, this bakery always change the menu so you won’t be bored with all the options.

Some of these places are not only available for fast-breaking but also for sahoor. You can check the operation time of each restaurant to make sure about it. When you are in Singapore you will need and internet connection for getting information about halal restaurant and other important information. You can use Passpod Wi-Fi to always get connected wherever you are.

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