Wanna know Fasting Tradition in America? Fasting is a mandatory service performed by Muslims throughout the world during Ramadan. No exception to Muslims in America, they also have to keep fasting by holding back the hunger and thirst. For those who are accustomed to living in an environment that is predominantly Muslim, fasting is not a difficult thing to do because people around us also do the same thing. But for Muslims in America, fasting is a special worship because not everyone does it.

Being a minority is not something that prevents you from worshiping. Muslims in America also continue to do their duty with Sahoor in the morning and break the fast when the Maghreb arrives, 30 days straight. It is not only that, the Muslims in America also have several traditions that do not differ greatly from the traditions of fasting in other regions. Here they are :


Potluck is a meeting and gathering that occur during fasting in America. This program is usually used as a event for sharing and strengthening the brotherhood, considering they are a minority in America. Interestingly, the Muslim came from different countries so that when this meeting happens, there are many cultural exchanges and various types of other country specialties that could be tasted.


Just like other Muslims who do Tarawih prayer during Ramadan, Muslims in America also do the same thing after break the fasting. It’s just that this activity is not always done in a mosque. The limited place to pray makes them often use the meeting hall or someone’s house to do Tarawih. However, this activity always goes solemn and calm.


After the Tarawih prayer is finished, everyone does not go straight to their homes. Usually there is a recitation filled by a religious leader. The congregation also takes turns reading the surah Al Quran so that it can be completed in 30 days during the month of Ramadan. Sharing sessions are also provided as a place to exchange ideas, solving problems, and strengthen the bond.

Shop at the Halal Stores

Shopping rituals are also a unique thing for Muslims in America because they have to find the store that provides Halal products. No wonder this activity is often carried out together in a particular community. That way they would get the best product with Halal label on it.

Islamic Ambassador

This one is a unique program. There is a program specifically for young people who speak English and the elders make them as the ambassadors of Islam. This is not a radical movement to invite people to embrace Islam. But this is a program that introduces to the world what Islam really is. Islamic ambassadors are also tasked with introducing Islamic culture to non-Muslim communities.

Open House

Some mosques or private homes hold open houses for fellow Muslims in America. They will receive guests from surrounding communities to strengthen fellow Muslim relations.

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