Many people think of Japan as their favorite place to holiday. Maybe some of you even already choose some Japan tourist destinations as your next adventure. Well, when we talk about Japan, we think of many places that instagrammable and worth to capture. But sometimes, there are places that also not worth to capture. So here are 5 cool spots in Japan that will give you not only an amazing holiday, also an amazing pictures!

1. The View of Azalea Flowers at Nezu Shrine Tokyo Definitely will Make Your Photo Prettier!

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Built by a legendary monk named Yamate Takeru 1900 years ago, the building of Nezu Shrine has never changed from Edo era until present. More than 100 kinds of Azalea flowers blooms at the garden that measuring almost 1 hectare located around this shrine. So of course, the view of blooming colorful azalea would be so amazing to be captured. Also, you can enjoy the feel of Japanese traditional ethnicity atmosphere by strolling through the tunnel of tori gate, just like the setting of a film about samurai.

2. Don’t Forget to Visit One of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, Shirakawa-go Village.

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Shirakawa-go Village is one of the UNESCO’s world heritage site because of the richness of historical and social value in it. Aside from being known by its beautiful nature, this traditional Japanese village is fascinating because of the unique pointed tall-roof residence architecture model. Every time the season changes between spring, autumn, winter, or even summer, the view of Shirakawa-go will always be amazing. You can get the best point of view at this village from the top of the valley where the Ogimachi Castle were built.

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3. Capturing The Extraordinary Beauty of Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto is a Must!

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You better not underestimate Kyoto! Kyoto is one of the best cities that offer you an epic combination of historical tourist destination, foods, and tradition in Japan. The main shrine of Fushimi Inari was built in 1499, right after the old building that was built in 1477 destroyed by a fire during the war of Onin. When you go here, you will certainly amazed by thousands of Tori Gate. These Tori gates is also known as Senbon Torii at Fushimi Inari shrine.

4. Ex-Railway of Seibu Ahina Line in Saitama Prefecture will Make Your Photo Much Special.

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Far from the crowdy city, there is a railway road from Seibu Ahina that connects Ahina Station and Minami Otsuka Station in Kawagoe City. This railway is now no longer being used because the train route itself doesn’t available anymore. Because of that, the railway road is now being filled with wild weeds and grass. Along this railway, there’s a tunnel, and natural green view that will make you feel like being inside an anime from Hayao Miyazaki.

5. Monet Pond in Gifu Prefecture is a Best Spot to Make your Picture Like a Painting.

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This pond of koi fishes steals a lot of interest because of its elegance and similarity with Claude Monet’s impressionist art style. Actually, this koi pond doesn’t have an official name, but a lot of tourists called it “Monet’s Pond”. Because it really looks like one of Monet’s artwork named Water Lilies. Aside for the crystal clear water, the combination of the colorful koi fishes that swim freely and water lilies that grows on the pond makes your picture as artistic as painting.

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