There are many holiday destinations in Europe you can choose as comfortable and classy end of year vacation. Every country in Europe has its’ own winter tourist attractions. Before planning a year-end vacation to Europe, check out some of the following inspiring winter tourist destinations in Europe!

Abisko, Sweden


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Photo by: David Becker

You may get very long nights for weeks because the sun doesn’t appear here! In this darkness, you can see the aurora borealis very clearly. One of the advantages of a vacation in Europe is that you don’t need to worry about the quality of accommodation. Although there is only two-star hotel available. You can stay comfortably on vacation with complete accommodations full of equipment and furniture.

Copenhagen, Denmark

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Photo by: Max Adulyanukosol

Copenhagen is where fairy tales come from, home to the famous writer Hans Christian Andersen. But don’t imagine you will find a cartoon or fairytale themed tourist spot here. Copenhagen is decorated with cozy bars and warm cafes that you can visit to relax while watching the snow falls. You can also visit a romantic theme park in the downtown area that will make your holiday even more memorable.

Venice, Italy

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Photo by: 123rf

Venice’s charm hard to resist if you want a classy and elegant holiday. Its unique landscape as a floating city provides incomparable experience during the holidays. When it’s winter holidays in Venice, don’t miss the Venice Carnevale event, the biggest annual festival in the city. You can watch how the community revives the history of Venice with its bright colors.

Vienna, Austria

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Photo by; Hand Luggage Only

Vienna also deserves to be in the list of your winter holiday destinations at the end of the year. Vienna in the winter famous for the crowded Christmas Market. You can hunt Austrian specialties and souvenirs at Naschmarkt, the atmosphere will make you feel at home.

Tromso, Norway

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Photo by: Lightscape

Perhaps the name Tromso in Norway has not been heard so much as a tourist destination. However, be ready to be fascinated by a very charming holiday atmosphere in Tromso!

This city can also be a holiday destination in Europe for those who really love the cold weather. This is because evenings at Tromso during winter can last 24 hours! This doesn’t mean you can’t go anywhere. This weather is best for trying reindeer sledding or visiting a polar aquarium.

Colmar, France

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Colmar, Perancis

France isn’t just about Paris! Try visiting Colmar as one of the vacation destinations when you’re in Europe. Enjoy its comfort as it is at your own home. Don’t be surprised, the warm atmosphere of this small town is complemented by 8 restaurants with Michelin Star! Come soon for culinary hunting here!

Prague, Czech Republic

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Known as a European architectural gem, the City of Prague in the Czech Republic presents fascinating nuances of art, music, dance, and film. One of the most interesting attractions here is sailing along the Vltava River at night. The romantic atmosphere of the dim lights in buildings along the river shows a view of the city’s history from a different perspective.

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Luzern, Switzerland

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Beautiful. That’s the first impression when you set your foot in the city of Lucerne. Landmarks and buildings in this city are actually good enough to quench the thirst of taking photographs. If you want more exciting activities, try the ski resort or ferry rides on Lake Luzern.

Berlin, Germany

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Photo by: Ricardo Gomez Angel

German winter attraction begins at the beginning of the year. In the City of Berlin, you can taste the culinary delights of Michelin Star restaurants while sheltering from the cold. Classy nightclubs are scattered throughout the city. If you prefer to take a stroll, you may want to try to go to museums in Germany. They are no less interesting!

Edinburgh, Scotland

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Photo by: Adam Wilson

You can try the festive atmosphere of the New Year’s Eve at the Hogmanay Festival which lasts for three days. Feel the thrill of watching an outdoor concert, watching fireworks, even a traditional Scottish dance performance. For those who prefer to spend the new year with relaxing activities, try walking to the Royal Botanic Garden and taking photos of the beautiful collection of winter plants.

Now, have you imagined how exciting a holiday destination in Europe is during this winter? Prepare your holiday carefully, don’t forget to rent a Wi-Fi modem to ensure your internet connection runs smoothly during your vacation in Europe!

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