Attractions in Hong Kong are not only landmarks, museums, or shopping centers. You can also enjoy exciting holidays by cafe hopping among coffee shops in Hong Kong! Besides a little bit resting after traveling around, the interiors of these cafes are also cool for taking photoshoot!

Omotesando Koffee

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Photo by: Tabihack

The atmosphere of Japanese inside this cafe will make you forget you are still in Hong Kong! Omotesando Koffee is located at Lee Tung Avenue and is the successor to the Omotesando Koffee coffee shop in Tokyo which was closed due to the age of the old building. Directly under the supervision of the coffee expert Eiichi Kunimoto, you surely will get the distinctive coffee quality and as a bonus: an Instagrammable spot!

% Arabica

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Photo by: Arabica Coffee

Still from Japan, % Arabica currently has three branches in Hong Kong. Just choose the location that best fits your vacation. This cafe is famous among tourists because of its delicious Arabica coffee, complete with minimalist interior design which is really cool for a photoshoot.

Artisan Room

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Photo by: Honeycombers

For those who love unique interior design, Artisan Room is a must to visit while sightseeing in Hong Kong. Drinking coffee in this cafe feels very special since every item in this cafe was collected by curator Adrian Cheng. Adrian is the founder of the K11 Art Foundation which is famous for having a god class sense of art! You can expect the meticulous cafe interior design.

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Elephant Grounds Starstreet

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Photo by: Asia Bars & Restaurants

Another popular café in Hong Kong is the Elephant Grounds. This café doesn’t only provide coffee, but also avocado toast and ice cream cookie sandwiches. The interior and exterior concept brings the impression of woody and greeny with shades of wood and leaves. The atmosphere makes you feel closer to nature. Dominated by the typical brown color of natural wood, this is a place you must not skip for your next Instagram feed!

Starbucks Hong Kong Flagship

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Photo by: Hket

What’s the point of traveling so far to Hong Kong to just hang out at Starbucks? Hold your thoughts. The Starbucks Hong Kong Flagship is not an ordinary Starbucks outlet. This Starbucks has a nice interior design plus there are Teavana Bar and Mixology Bar available. There are 250 ceramic handicrafts inspired by the natural shape of coffee beans and tea leaves at this Starbucks outlet! It’s really fun for selfie or wefie with friends!

NOC Wan Chai West

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Photo by: Honeycombers

Upon entering the café door, you will be greeted by amazingly smooth concrete decorations! The Wan Chai West NOC provides a minimalist atmosphere, yet feels very modern. There aren’t many decorations in this café. However, the atmosphere and interior design are very interesting that makes you itch to take photos in every corner. If you stop by here, don’t forget to order creamy lattes and the flagship cold brew coffee!

Interval Coffee Bar

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Photo by: Hintegro

The cafe atmosphere is also minimalist, elegant and far from stuffy. The Interval Coffee Bar on Wellington Street is the work of a local design studio, Hintegro, which has a distinctive color and lighting. This cafe is wrapped in bold golden colors and bright lighting in its every corner. For those who don’t really like coffee but just want to hang out, the Interval Coffee Bar also provides a menu of non-coffee drinks that you can try.

Those are some local cafes in Hong Kong you can try while on vacation. Don’t forget to make an itinerary before going on vacation to optimize your time. Happy holiday!

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