A business trip could be exhausting. Especially if there are many things need to be done. In between those busy schedules, you can actually enjoy your trip for a while to release the stress. Don’t forget to rent a portable Wi-Fi before going abroad to stay updated about your work while you are away.

Relaxing During a Business Trip to Singapore

It’s okay to have a little break time between your busy schedules on your business trip. There are five things you could do in Singapore with limited time.

  1. Having a Real Singaporean Breakfast

Upon arriving, you can try Singaporean style breakfast in one of the coffee shops at Changi Airport. This breakfast menu consists of Singaporean bread toast with srikaya and boiled egg, plus a cup of Singapore coffee. This simple looking set menu can fill up your energy for quite some time.

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Source: Paragon.com.sg

Most coffee shops in Changi Airport offer this specialty breakfast. You can pick any shop in your arrival terminal.

In Terminal 3, you can go to the Old Town White Coffee. If you are in Terminal 2, 1983 Café Nanyang is a good option. If you look for the famous Killiney Kopitiam coffee shop, it is available in Terminal 1 and 3.

You can even do some works or emails while having a breakfast. Although Changi’s Wi-Fi is fast enough, it’s better to bring along your portable Wi-Fi when going abroad before.

  1. Enjoying Tea in Chinatown

If you have a meeting near Chinatown, you should try coming to Tea Chapter in 9 Neil Road. This signature teashop in the area offers traditional meals in three different styles: Chinese, Korean, and Japan. You can see the tea demonstration on the spot. Some of the specialty tea available in this shop is green tea, oolong tea, and black tea.

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Tea Chapter has been serving tea for more than 20 years. The location is close to other famous tourism objects, such as Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and myriads of souvenir shops.

  1. National Gallery Singapore

If you love arts or just taking selfies in front of the work of art, the National Gallery Singapore will be a great place to visit. This gallery is built in the place that once was a Supreme Court building and City hall.

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The National Gallery Singapore

The gallery is a new addition to Singapore’s landmarks. Besides displaying arts from Singapore and Southeast Asia, you can also find other artworks from various museums around the world.

While you’re here, you can sip some drinks up at the Aura Sky Lounge while enjoying the Marina Bay view from above.

  1. Experience Unique Singapore Flyer Dining Capsule

The unique sensation of having dinner while enjoying Singapore’s skyline is possible through the Singapore Flyer Dining Capsule.

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Photo by: frankzhang0711

Enhanced with the latest and safest technology, you can move safely inside the flyer capsules. The capsules are equipped with a UV protection, air conditioner, and weather-proof roof to protect you from any kinds of weather. Dining in Singapore Flyer would be a great unique experience.

  1. Away from The Mainstream Orchard Road

Orchard Road has been a favorite to many tourists as a shopping heaven in Singapore. If you want an alternative shopping place, Mustafa Centre in Little India can be a good choice.

Mustafa Center offers various kind of goods from souvenirs to daily needs. This is the main spot for travelers to hunt signature Singaporean snacks at affordable prices.

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Orchard Rd. (shopping street)

Opens 24-hours a day, the Mustafa Center is suitable for people who love to spend their night in the crowd. You can relax and hang out in Mustafa Center after a heavy meeting.

Those are the five exciting things you can do during your business trip to Singapore. Make sure you are always connected to your business partners when you are away.

Rent a portable Wi-Fi service when going abroad to stay connected to the Internet and be updated with the latest business issues. Choose a modem with long battery life to connect anytime with your business partners. So, are you ready to plan your cool activities during your business trip?

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