Can you believe that you can enjoy getting around in Singapore just by spending around IDR 1 million? It might sounds impossible, especially with the fact that Singapore is famous as an expensive country to live.

Well, believe it or not, right now Passpod will prove you that you can enjoy Singapore just by having IDR 1 million in hand, WHOLE DAY LONG. Pay attention from the beginning til the end, okay? We guarantee you will believe it and you’ll eager to have a holiday in Singapore!

1. Use Mass Transportation

MRT Singapore EZ Link Singapore Tourist Pass LRT Bus Singapura
Using Mass Transportation in Singapore is Easy and Convenient – via: asiawebdirect & redwiretimes

This is the most essential, most important thing when going to Singapore! Thanks to the advanced transportation infrastructure in Singapore, now you can go everywhere conveniently with mass transportation modes.

With S$ 12 (± IDR 125k), you can get an EZ Link card or Singapore Tourist Pass to get unlimited ride of MRT, LRT and city buses all day. There is also a Singapore Tourist Pass package for S$ 16 which can be used for 2 days and S$ 20 for 3 days without limits. This card is being sold at MRT stops, Changi Airport, or at a convenient store like 7Eleven.

Wanna make it muuuuch cheaper? Then, you can borrow a friend’s or family’s EZ Link card that has already been to Singapore. After that, you can refill the balance, the amount can be estimated according to your travel needs. If you buy EZ Link / Singapore Tourist Pass cards online, they also provide EZ Link combos with various attraction tickets. Like this one, Gardens by the Bay with Singapore Tourist Pass bundle at Passpod. Guaranteed BEST DEALS!

2. Go to Free Tourist Spot

haji lane changi airport singapore instagrammable tourist destination Singapura
Public street or even airport is pretty to capture – via irenesiah IG & changiairport IG

There are a lot of landmark in Singapore that are free to enjoy! Every corner of the city in Singapore continues to be decorated and become a tourist attraction. For the sake of pimping your Instagram gallery while in Singapore, you don’t need to spend a lot of money, even it can free!

Yep, once again there are a lot of free tourist spots in Singapore. From the most basic “starter pack” such as the Merlion statue, to the most trending spot such as Supertree Grove of Gardens by the Bay area or the Haji Lane. In fact, Changi airport is such a grand airport! It can also be a place for you to have fun.

Also, there are some spots that are actually not intended as a tourist attraction, but they are now is trending among millennials. For example, the colorful office headquarter MCI Building or Esplanade Bridge.

3. Look for Cheap Street Food  Hawker

street food singapore chinatown chicken rice food hawker singapura
Street Food Area in Singapore – via: huffingtonpost