Wanna know eid fitr traditions that only exist in Indonesia? After almost a month of fasting in holy month, now is the time for us to celebrate Eid Fitr which is the culmination of this worship. Eid Fitr is a good time to ask forgiveness from people around so that we are free from feelings of hatred, sin, and envy. And vice versa, we also have to forgive the mistakes of others so that our hearts feel relieved. In other words, Eid Fitr is a very good moment for Muslims to unite and forgive one another.

Interestingly, Indonesia has several unique traditions that only occur during Eid Fitr. Known as one of the largest countries in the world, Indonesia does have a variety of cultures and traditions because there are many differences in ethnicity, language and way of life. Unlike the traditions of Eid Fitr in other countries, some of these traditions only exist in Indonesia!

Mudik (Return to Hometown)

The term of mudik means that we return to our hometown to meet relatives, parents, and also childhood friends. Mudik usually starts a week before the D-day and ends a few days later. When this happens, almost everyone tried to return to their hometown to apologize to their parents while at the same time establishing relationships with other families. If you decide to use personal vehicle to return to your hometown, we suggest you to have travel insurance for Passpod.com that will protect your journey.

Tunjangan Hari Raya (THR)

Tunjangan Hari Raya is a tradition that only exists in Indonesia and one of the Eid Fitr traditions. THR means getting extra money from relatives, bosses, or other people who are capable. Usually THR is also accepted by employees as a reward for their service so far. The tradition of giving and receiving money has been going on for a long time and is something natural during Eid. This is what makes Eid Fitr feel so special for kids because they can buy what they want with the money they have.

Go to the Graveyard and Pray for the Dead

Usually this tradition is carried out before Ramadan and is re-do during Eid. Usually people come to the graveyard to clean the tomb while praying for the dead. This tradition may sound strange, but that’s how it is.

Takbir Keliling

One day before Eid, every mosque will be filled by Muslims who do Takbir (calling and glorifying God). Parents usually invite their children to do Takbir around their village. This event is one of the most anticipated traditions because it has become like an annual festival where participants walk, carry torches, beat the drum, and have fun. It is like pre-party before the big day on the next day.

Eid cakes

Indonesian people always provide several types of Eid cakes as snacks for guests who come to the house. There are many types of cakes that are served and cooked special for the guests. And it is not only that, usually there are several special Eid Fitr foods such as opor and ketupat.

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