Want to Have An Europe Trip on Budget? These 10 Useful Tips Will Help

Going on a holiday is a nice activity to do. Besides going to local tourism destination, Europe has become one of the most popular destination to go on holiday. That because countries in Europe are located not too far away from each other. You can go from country to country jus by taking a public transportation in a short time. The other reason is because Europe has a really nice atmosphere with all the classic architecture and history.

Learn These 10 Tips to Go on a Holiday to Europe trip on Budget?

Most of people from outside Europe feel that going on a trip around Europe will cost so much money. Actually you can still go on a vacation to some of the countries in Europe with tight budget. These 10 tips will help you realize your dream to go to Europe on budget :

Try couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is a website where you can find a host from all over the world that is offering a place to stay free with no budget. You can pay the home owner by giving present of making a good food for them. This will really help you to save money on your trip.

Stay in a hostel

Rather than staying in a hotel or apartment it is way cheaper to rent a hostel room. You can find a hostel easily in any country in Europe. Hostel is different than a hotel because you will have to share a room with another guest.

Find a room in Airbnb

Airbnb is a website where people from any country are offering their place for people to stay. The home owner usually takes some people to stay in a short period of time. Renting a room in Airbnb is usually cheaper and you can get new friends.

Take the bus

When going on a vacation you will have to take a public transportation to go from one country to another or just within a country. Taking the bus is cheaper than any other public transportation such as train or plane.

Take the cheapest or budget airplane

If you only have short time it is recommended to go with airplane to visit some countries in Europe. But if you’re on a budget then try to find a budget airplane company. Ryanair or Easyjet are the examples.

Buy the Intertail pass

Train is one of the most common public transportation on most of European countries. For a cheaper price you can buy a an interrail pass to be able to go to any countries in Europe by train easily.

Take the night train

In Europe you can get to another country with a short trip. But it is recommended to take a night train when you are going to a country. This strategy will help you save money for hotel or other accommodation.

Find a free entrance museum

You can find so many museums in all countries in Europe and some of them are free of charge. You can search the information first to make sure about this.

Do not go on a summer vacation

Season also determine how much money you will spend on a holiday in Europe. It is better to not going in summer because the prices are higher than the other season.

Find a supermarket

It is cheaper to make your own food than buying a food in a restaurant. Find a supermarket and buy some groceries.

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