Every religion has its own special day, and for moslems Eid or Lebaran in Indonesia is a big day to celebrate after fasting for a month. People usually spend Eid holiday going back to their hometown and meet all the families. But you can also spend your Eid holiday in a different way. Going on an abroad trip is not a bad thing to do during your Eid holiday. You can take your family to visit many tourism spot in any country in the world. But the question is, where is the right place to enjoy the Eid holiday with family?

Recommended Place to Spend Eid Holiday Abroad

Going on a holiday to other country is a great experience to do. But going on an abroad trip in Eid holiday is not a common thing to do. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth to try. Visit these places below to make your Eid vacation more fun:

  • Singapore

Singapore is a good place for vacation especially for people from South East Asia. Singapore is often visited by many tourists on a long vacation like Eid Holiday. For Indonesian people for example, Singapore has become one of the most visited countries for holiday purposes. There are many interesting tourism spot like SEA Aquarium and Universal Studios. Singapore is a good place to visit for a family with children. Singapore is also often conducting special events to attract people to come. One of the most wanted special events is shopping event with big discounts. It is such a pleasure for those who like to go shopping.

  • Malaysia

Malaysia is also a right destination to spend the long vacation. It also a moslem country so you can easily get delicious yet halal food wherever you go in Malaysia. Some interesting places to visit in Malaysia area Lego Land, Sunway Theme Park. Besides those holiday spot, Malaysia still have lots of other option for a fun holiday with family.

  • Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers various attractions to spen your Eid Holiday. This country is also one of the most visited countries in Asia. Some of popular places in Hong Kong are Ocean Park. These places are perfect for a holiday with kids and family. Not only the popular amusement park or tourism spot, if you’re lucky you also can see some festival that held during the holiday season. Trying to find halal food in Hong Kong is not as easy as the other countries before. You need to find some halal restaurant from internet or other reliable sources.

  • Australia

Next destination is Australia. You can go to Australia if you wish to spend your vacation outside Asia but still not too far from home. Australia has a really nice natural scenery with many great places to visit. It’s better to check the season first before you go to Australia to make sure you bring the right outfit and other personal things.

No matter what country you want to visit Wi-Fi portable is a thing that you need to bring everywhere. You will need an internet connection to get information about the country you are visiting. Passpod is providing a Wi-Fi service that will be your holiday bestfriend.

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